Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Steve Lavigne created this bag design for Moo Mesa® Brand Cow Chips. Yummy!


~ tOkKa said...

-->> ok ok wait wait wait wait wait wait wait wait wait wait wait wait wait wait wait wait wait wait wait wait wait WAIT WAITWAITWAIT

WHAT THE F -udge !?


0_o ~~**


and this strikes me right into the heart..

to me it's the trademark of 100 % pure Lavigne style.

The DUDE CAN F8cking DESIGN and Draw so well ..

it's got such a classic .. i'd dare say almost ( and i'm stretching it .. ) .. late '60s charm that's so warm and damm friendly.

This is in line with that Moo Montana / Cyclone piece he did .. it's on his site..

.. let me look for it, i think i stole it last year.

** hold on.


~ tOkKa said...

-->> Yeh that's it folks ..:: **right there.

Steve is so bad Ass mu god.

I hope he gets to do a cover or somin' for the new series.

anything !!

Ugh !!

Bet kids all over the planet love him so much !!


♥ ♥

..also .. i guess i'll never totally understand this ol' mid-West obsession with COW PUNS..and these little old tourist trap towns and their Stucky's. Their funky confectioneries and pastries similar to the effect of these chips.

I mean.. there's like these pecan pies with chocolate all swirled to look like somin' that came out of the south end of Cyclone or one of his NON-anthromorphic cattle buddies and it'll have this cute little name like ' Cow Turd Pie ' or ' Cow Pattie Custard ' or "Chocolate Covered Cow Droppings " or whatever... and it really looks like it's namesake ..but obviously it's not.

The puns can get worse ..and the confectioneries can get even more interesting and exotic ( even more interesting than this exhausted Snapper's turd-brain can come with..) but all the edible touristy stuff usually refers to the wonderful, manurey, steaming pasture cakes, and horse eggs our wonderful four-legged bovial and pack animal friends leave behind.

I never totally got it.. but again i guess they are just trying to be cute, so that when the folks get back from vacation and to the coast they can tell their friends and neighbors that they went to a little tiny " Mom and Pop" restaurant in a small back-water town in Wyoming that sold "Cattle Biscuits n' Gravy " plate ..and they ate the WHOLE thing.

They all prolly have a big laugh.

In Minnesota or Manitoba ( home of the Turtle's friend ..the Royal Mounted Police Mutant named "Monty" )'s prolly Moose Turd Pie.


but in the Rocky Mountains of Colorado .. ( could that be why i'm partial to "COWLORADO" ?! ) ..

if someone takes you out ta supper and offers you the ..


.. well if you don't know what those are, YOU BETTER SO SOME RESEARCH,CITY BOY !!

Cuz .. well it's dinner from where the sun don't shine and it's a delicacy even this Snapper won't touch ( no offense tho' each his own )/

** You can take the Cowboy outta the city .. but you can't take the Cow-chips outta the snapper. **

..err.. i may be way over thinking things again. Haven't slept in 2 days.. so.. maybe i should rephrase that last part.


~~ - - - fwump ~~ **