Friday, January 4, 2008

A page from TV Guide for the week of September 5-11 1992 advertising the Saturday Morning Preview Special.


~ tOkKa said...

-->> ..hell .. eighties shmeighties ..

.. COW BOYS were another reason for me why the nineties rocked.

D4mm what a flood of memories.. oi ..

.. god i hope we can yank enough chains at CBS ..


R E BEE Inc. said...

I remember being really excited about this ad because the C.O.W.-Boys were on with the Addams Family.

I'm a huge Charles Addams fan.

DVDs from CBS are a looongshot.

~ tOkKa said...

-->> I'm gonna be rambling and repeating myself. I'm sorry for that ..


Long Shot ?~ !!

..but i thought that was the whole point ..!!

'sides .. i also thought Montana was the best SURE SHOT on the MESA ?!



they also call ME a 'LONG SHOT' ..

that i don't belong in the arts .. that noone gets me and that i'm crazy ..

hell i'm not even supposed to be here right now.

Some powers had thier ways i'd either be locked in some hospital some place or sulking in a psych ward.


C.O.W. Boys has sidelined TMNT for manyu years since it debuted on ABS umpteen years ago.

The fact that it was a 'Ryan Brown' property made it more special due to to your TMNT / Mirage alumni ties.

I ain' a catalyst for positive thinking..and am often a very dark person. Hell even focus on summin' so trivial as DVDs or whatever may be the least of my worries ..

but i know what i like.

It's also important ..cuz it sure as hell beats shotty download's and bad pictures of the Toon.

That money SHOULD be going back to you .. and i'm sure alot of fans of other properties would say otherwise that 'demand is not there' for their favourite series or what-not.

Apples and Oranges i know.. ::

Further seasons of 'Mary Tyler Moore' beyond S.1 were not promising for awhile ..

S.1 took a big hit on Fox's pocket book so S.2 ,3, 4 ,ect. were not looking promising as far as being released.

The demand was there .. online petitions really do get seen.

Packaging redesign to cut costs,even S.1 was rereleased.. and subsiquent seasons followed.

That was considered a 'LONG SHOT' ..

so i mean i dunno,man.

When i was a kid at Cartoon school ..i was always gettin heavy flack for even liking TMNT .. illustrations were ugly and noone thought i'd get anywhere with anything. They all had nice stylized 'Spawns' and X-men cartoons..and i often was more compared to 'Ren & Stimpy'.

All these years later i am still struggling.. thye still call me crazy ..

like i try to tell people :'i may be schizophrenic.. but i'm i'm not stupid.'

Sure enough .. while i am not making any money off what i create ..i've built at least..through a hell of alot of sacrifice,maddness and hard work from friends and loved ones :: a place i can express my ideas without restrictions. Slowly i'm getting out there ..and trying to deal with my screwed up disposition best i can.

As of next year ..i'll have had this 'BASE' for 10 years !!

In 1993 i would never have had imagine i'd have contact with the creators i've loved and have been kinda like invisible mentors to me ..sure enough .. here i am communicationg with 'em .. and some of them i've even met in person.

Yeh can you imagine how speechless when i met some of the big men :: like K. Eastman or Dooney ?? ..i mean you guys are like rock stars to alot of us !!

Even people that have worked with Mirage, like Fosco,Sakai, or Remender.. ((who i've become good friends with)) .. yeh i could ramble on.

Things ain' the best.. but my path has taken a 'long shot'..

if it takes a long shot to get a legit and and good quality product of the 'C O W Boys' so be it.

The show proved me that 'Wacky' has an important place on this planet.. and it reeks of creativity.

I don't think you and Steve are capable of anything less.

((Hell,dude.. you freekin' worked with a legend..

Freekin' "BISSETTE" ,man !! GOD !! ))

Like i told Murphy.. all of this stuff still drivs me .. in good ways and bad ((the good far outweighs the bad)).

In fact ..with the help of people,fans and friends like Rosemary and Vaughn, Ect. .. ..the past several years have proven i've needed that inspiration lik i've needed water,food and shelter. So the trivialities get a little blurred don't they.

I include my fandom and history with BOG and the Boys part of that collective 'TMNT' inspiration.

I'm a living 'Long shot' ..

and all the bitter people that used to just mock me well ..

where are they now ??

I dunno..

.. but this 'Long Shot' is here typin' this to you..

In all honesty ..

'The Boys' is very important to me .. you have created a Cult icon.
And that's very very cool.

Maybe it'll be a slow process ..but it'll happen.

The boys shall be back !!

In the late 90s - early 200os ..they all called me crazy when i called the Turtles 'iconic' and on par with the likes of 'Superman' or 'Fritz the Cat' or what have you.. pop culture is weird that way ..but it was true.

Look at Turtles now.. everyone forgot what i said and now just wallow,complain,b6tch and moan about one of the most wicked phenoms of the past 30 years or so.

..they all called me crazy.

.. ..

.. >v<

~ tOkKa said...

-->> B.T.W.

.. your The Addams' freekin rawk ..

.. classics in more ways than one..


roseangelo said...


R E BEE Inc. said...

You rock tokka!

Let's keep up the good fight.

R E BEE Inc. said...

Yep Rose!

We've a long way to go, *sigh* but we'll get there.

~ tOkKa said...

You rock tokka!

Let's keep up the good fight.


-->> ..always easier said than done ain' it.. >v<